August 21, 2008

So many pictures not enough words

As I'm sitting here thinking about the next event to share with you all, I'm noticing an abundance of pictures of my kids where too much time has gone by to even remember what day it was. When a camera ends up in my hands, there is no end to how many pictures I will take. I, as a mom, think my children are the most beautiful kids I've EVER seen. They are amazing little people who bring life to MY life. Usually, when I send out email updates of the kids, it's a story through the pictures, but now that I'm trying to blog our life, I have to find words to put next to them. The more I do this the easier it will get, hopefully. 
But as for now, I'll let the pictures tell the story....

August 20, 2008

My Sweet Sydney

Sydney is a very quiet little girl, but give her time. I have a feeling it's the "calm before the storm." She is showing signs of quite the little talker and I listen to everything she has to say because she makes it known, it's important! 
She has the most angelic little face I've ever seen! She started off so rough thanks to her brute of a brother, but has turned into quite the little girl. She is beautiful! I often find myself staring at her. 

Thank you Lord for giving me this little girl!

My Mason

If anyone knows Mason, you'll know that there aren't a lot of pictures of him because he won't sit still. He is constantly running around and to catch him is a gamble. He is so upbeat and so crazy, we call him Crazy Mason! He is so loving and caring, but the rest of the time he's BUSY.
I love Mason's outgoing personality. I love how he's all boy and I love that he can make anyone laugh and smile. He adds so much to our lives and I'm so thankful for him!
I love you Crazy Mason!

My Ty

I don't know if anyone knows how special my Ty is to me. He was the first born and my first true love. I think there is a special bond between him and I. When Ty gets older I have a feeling no girl will ever be good enough for him! 

Tyler is always caring and concerned for others. His manners are amazing for a 4 year old boy. He shows us how to love unconditionally and he keeps me in check. If I start to yell he's the first one to tell me, "That makes me sad when you yell Mommy." He's an Angel.  
 ~I love My Ty~


Shadow Cliff Fishing 5/27/2008

So, Keith calls one day during work and says, "Pack dinner and get the kids in grubby clothes, we're going fishing." Of course being home all day I'm totally excited to have an adventure and Keith be a part of it. So, sure enough 5pm rolls around and Keith gets home and we leave for a fishing trip 2 miles away from our house to Shadow Cliffs. We got settled in one location and had our dinner; peanut butter sandwiches, crackers, fruit and juice. Real healthy, I know. We did some fishing for about three hours and caught.... nothing! Haha It was a great time though. Mason, Tyler and Sydney aren't afraid to get dirty and I have to say I've become a lot more tolerant to the unorganized, filthy mess. I've grown a lot with having twins. It doesn't allow me to be the OCD mom I use to be with Tyler and I have to say, it's much easier and relaxing NOT to sweat the small stuff.
It's been a lot of fun being that active family that Keith and I have always said we were going to be. Sometimes life gets to you and you feel overwhelmed with work and everyday life. It's important to remain in control and make sure you get out there and live life. And that's exactly what The Caldeira Family is doing.

Keith is the only one I want to experience all this with.


San Francisco Giants Game 5/12/2008

Keith has been lucky enough to work for some very generous people; he was given six Giants tickets one night. So we decided to take Ty to his first Pro-baseball game.  We left the twins home with Grams in order to completely enjoy the game.  So along with our friends Brent, Katie, and Rylee we headed to San Francisco on BART.
Ty was so excited, he wasn't sure what to expect....

Our seats were awesome; behind home plate with a view that was amazing. We enjoyed the food as well; hotdogs, nachos, cracker jacks, churros, soda, and beer! 

Pictures are worth a thousand words....


Exploratorium/SF 4/2008

Keith and I were sitting around one night and decided to do something adventurous with the kids this weekend 4/5/2008, so we called up our good friends the Whitehouse Family and asked if they wanted to go to San Francisco for the day to the Exploratorium. Sure enough they thought it was a great idea. 
The kids had such a great time "exploring" new things and learning all while having fun. Including the big kids!

After a fun-filled day at the Exploratorium, we took our shin dig to Pier 39 for some more fun. It was super windy and cold, but we still managed to have a great time. We ate dinner at a nice restaurant on the Pier, bought some candy, and headed home. We finished our night off with a movie at our house. It was an awesome day and lots of fun.


Disneyland 5/2008

We took the kids to Disneyland to celebrate Tyler's 4th birthday. Saying we had a blast is an understatement. He loved being there with all his family; Nonnie, Papa, Auntie, Uncle Gar, Landon, Annie, Auntie Meggy, Auntie Cis, Madden and of course Mom, Dad, Mason, & Sydney. To have a family that does all this together and loves every minute of it is truly a blessing. The twins loved going on the rides and looking at all the amazing things Disney has to offer. We believe that you are never too young to enjoy Disneyland; every moment these kids are exposed to imagination and an amazing environment, helps develop their little personalities, or should I say BIG personalities. I love spending time with my family, especially in the happiest place on earth, Disneyland! Overall, Ty had a wonderful birthday and we were all together to share it with him.